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Looking for great photo spots around the world? Don’t know what to photograph where you are? Do you like to travel the world and discover new places? Then you have come to the right place. We share travel reports for photographers and much more.


Come and follow us around the globe. On you find travel reports for photogrpahers and get first hand real insider tips around travel photography. Further, the best equipment to take, insider tips for great locations and inspiration where to go next. (Powered by ROBERT STYPPA PHOTOGRAPHY, so don’t be confused when you get transfered to this site with some links, it is still the same team).

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With our Travel Reports for Photographers, we want to inspire you to experience wild animals and unique landscapes, but also magical places around the world. These include personal stories and information, that get under your skin and that tell a lot about our travel trips.

Of course, we also give you the opportunity to order pictures online, may it be as a calendar, a poster or many more things (check our shop). If something is on your mind or if you have a question, just drop us an email – we’ll answer for sure!

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And now…. ENJOY !

Get inspired by our latest travel destinations

Here you find Travel Reports for Photographers and Travellers, which save you a lot of time and stress, as all information about hotels, routing, tips and hints are already included.

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Travel Report 20 Days (Sept 2019)



Travel Report 6 Days (Aug 2019)



All Travel Reports for Australia



Travel Report 12 Days (Apr 2019)



Travel Report: 2x5 Days (Jan/Mar 2019)



Travel Report 5 Day (Feb 2019)



All Travel Reports for Africa

Looking for Photos, Calendars and more ?

Here you find Calendar, Poster, Photos and much more , either for yourself or as a gift.

We offer you the possibility to order photos, calendars, poster canvas on textile, puzzle and much more directly via teh big publishing houses. The order, payment and delivery goes directly through them, so you are on the safe side. Our photos can be purchased through Flickr and many popular microstock vendors, such as Getty images / iStock, Adobe or Shutterstock. Again, the settlement runs directly on the corresponding page. New in our portfolio is “oh my prints”, an excellent publisher for prints, poster and much more. Give it a try!

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Looking for the right Photo Equipment?

We love Nikon, Tamron and the Iphone!

In the days of “analogue” photography, we tried a number of brands, but today we rely entirely on Nikon cameras. Quality and service are right. For lenses, it’s a mix of Nikon and Tamron (and no, we do not get any products for free and have no other contract with Nikon or Tamron).


Of course there are other good brands like Canon or Sony, but we just like Nikon and Tamron products. Around Nikon and Tamron you will find numerous tips on which equipment should accompany you on your journey. In each Travel Report for Photographers is a section about “Equipment”. For snapshots and video we also use the iPhone.

Often comes the question of the right photo backpack or the right photo bag. The answer is unfortunately very individual and different for everyone. We use Lowe Pro and Tenba. For filter systems Haida and Lee. Other than you might think, we buy the bulk from the trusted trader, often Calumet. But of course we also order Amazon. In Munich, there are still Foto-Sauter, which are highly recommended.

Which Hotel / Accommodation should I book?

We only suggest what we believe is worth the money !

In every travel Report there is a section with “Routing”, which shows you our travel routing an where we have chosen to stay. So we know all of the places and the ones we would not recommend to go again are clearly marked. All the rest you can click on and explore if they are right for you too. We have also indicated, if we booked the travel ourselves or if we did it via a travel agent, which sometimes is the better option. Just check it out. Alternatively you can alway click on one of  the banner advertisings to get addtional inspiration.

How to get there is often a question. If you travel with 2+ people it is always worth to check the special Partner Tarif with Swiss airlines. Important, you need to enter “2” Person travelling.

And now we wish you a lot of fun exploring the page and hope you find it usefull. If you have any comments or recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us via  PM. We definitely respond !