What belongs in the first aid kit?

The first aid kit is often “neglected”, and its importance, especially in long-distance travel and in areas with different climatic conditions than in the home country, should not be underestimated. “What belongs in the first-aid kit?” 

Here are a few suggestions on what to do depending on the region. In addition to the first-aid kit, it is also important to have the right insurance and cover on the credit card, as physicians abroad usually bill directly, should that happen. We recommend a foreign additional Krankenverischerung, which also covers the return transport to Germany (if medically necessary) with.

Content – the basics

“What belongs in the first-aid kit?” The travel pharmacy should be packed carefully and according to personal needs and PRIOR to departure. The following can be considered “basic” standard and should be included:

Additional for Africa

In addition to the “basic content”, the following should be considered, especially for southern Africa:

  • Malaria prophylaxis (preferably discussed beforehand with the doctor)
  • Yellow fever vaccine (lifelong protection! Depends on the regulations of the countries)
  • Disposable syringes (only for countries that do not have sufficient medical care)
  • Mosquito net if you want to sleep in the tent or outside (malaria and other!)
  • Electronic Stingkiller against insect bites (prevents the itching!)
  • Travel trays, if you fly/drive small aircrafts or river boats
  • Remedy for allergy
  • Good sunscreen (at least LF20, better LF30 or higher)
  • Hands disinfectant for in between
  • Handkerchiefs (locally available, but we always annoyed by the quality)

Additional for North America

The “basic content” is usually sufficient, as you can buy everything necessary in the US, as well as Canada. If you travel to the south of the US, especially Florida, you may want to take the following:

  • Electronic Stingkiller against insect bites (prevents the itching!)
  • Handkerchiefs (locally available, but we always annoyed by the quality

Additional for Australia

In addition to the “basic” first aid kit, the following should be considered for Australia:

Important sources of information

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